What is T2T?

An intimate, high-level coaching program with Dorit Perry, former public high school teacher and hybrid tech worker.


  • A 6-figure, remote career path at your fingertips – whether you start a new role at 6-figures or quickly grow into it at your new company. You’ll finally be earning what you deserve!

  • One to three exciting tech roles that you’ve identified and are actively interviewing for, so that you can reduce the angst about what direction to move in and how to get those interviews

  • An awesome resume and LinkedIn profile that speak intelligently to your experience and strengths, letting you finally relax about having a powerful and properly formatted resume

  • Knowledge of how to land a remote job in the tech industry so that you can finally achieve the quality of life you’ve been dreaming of

  • Familiarity with the language and tools of the tech world so that you can understand job descriptions and pursue roles strategically

  • The understanding of how to strategically upskill in order to manage your professional life in tech moving forward

  • An accomplished and supportive community of like-minded people transitioning into tech so that you don’t have to feel alone in your journey


  • Stay stuck at a 9-5 job that you’ve outgrown

  • Leave precious money on the table in which you could already be negotiating a higher salary and achieving a greater career earning potential

  • Waste time trying to figure out how to choose a new path, write an effective resume, utilize LinkedIn, or launch an effective career transition strategy when you could already be working in your new field!

  • Burn out and give up trying to do this all on your own, delaying your dreams or risking achieving them at all

What Roles are T2T Clients Working In?

Remote roles in customer success, implementation, project management, revenue operations, product, enablement, corporate training, data strategy, learning experience design, curriculum writing, and copywriting - in and out of edtech.

  • In Industries Including:

  • E-Learning

  • Education Administration

  • Software Development

  • IT Services and Consulting

Real-World Results With People Like You

  • 100+ T2T Program Clients

  • 75+ New Jobs Accepted

  • 11 Six Figure-Careers

  • 10 Careers Nearing Six Figures (Salaries of 85K-99K)

  • 2 VP Level Roles

  • 2 Director Level Roles

  • A Dozen+ Manager Level Roles

  • 5 Consulting Roles

  • 5 Companies Started

Where Have T2T Clients Landed?

Here's a sampling!

Age of Learning

What T2T Clients Are Saying

“After job searching for a couple months on my own with minimal success, I came across Dorit and the T2T program on LinkedIn. The structured steps of the program in concert with the top-notch content and coaching Dorit provides worked wonders for me and was beyond valuable. Because of T2T, I discovered project management as a career and passion that aligns with my natural skill set and experience. With Dorit’s guidance, I enrolled in learning opportunities to hone my technical project management skills. Beyond that, the network of highly motivated individuals you gain access to as part of this group provides enormous value. Networking is everything and being part of this community opens you up to a whole network of like-minded individuals who have landed jobs and are still searching too. Dorit’s thoughtful guidance throughout the whole process makes everything come together in a cohesive way. As a result of all this, I ended up landing a job as a Project Manager at an ed-tech company, which pays $35K more than my last job! I can’t thank Dorit and the T2T community enough!”

Seth S., Project Manager and Former Elementary School Literacy Specialist

“Dorit is an incredible leader to her clients. Not only does she go above and beyond in developing their resumes, curating resources for areas of career interest, and assisting clients in networking, but she also listens to their personal stories and has an immaculate ability in tailoring the transition to a new job based on each individual. She makes her clients feel special and confident, which ultimately leads to her impressive success rates in helping her customers find new jobs. Since working with Dorit, my life has turned a complete 180 in the best way possible. My salary is higher, my work life balance is astounding, and my career hopes and dreams are now a reality. To put it bluntly, working with Dorit was the single most important stepping stone in my new career and I easily recommend her to others looking to transition to tech. Thank you, Dorit!”

Shiva J., Salesforce Consultant and Former High School English Teacher

“Dorit has been an incredible career coach. She helped me transition to a completely new career path, and I gained so much confidence and so many skills with her guidance. Dorit helped me create a new resume to fit my new field, helped me revise and improve my LinkedIn profile, and coached me to become a much stronger interviewer and networker. She also encouraged me to develop skills I did not even realize I needed. One of the most important things Dorit did was to increase my confidence. Once I started working with Dorit, I began receiving more interviews and soon landed an amazing job. Dorit is a wonderful person and incredible at coaching people. My life has changed in huge ways since working with her. I am so glad I made the decision to work with her. I highly recommend Dorit to anyone looking to make a career transition.”

Meghan K., Professional Services Manager and Former Fifth Grade Teacher

“I feel so lucky to have found Dorit! Dorit helped me not only transition from the classroom but to realize my skills and abilities as a former educator. Dorit coached me to be more confident and helped me to know my worth in the job market. She pushed me when I was feeling discouraged and cheered me on when things were going well! She worked with me to create a stellar resume that will take me throughout my career. One of the most helpful activities we did together was to talk through my past experiences for my resume. Not only did it give her the content she needed to create my resume, but it also gave me talking points for interviews and refreshed my memory of my accomplishments. If you are a teacher looking to make a life-altering career change, Dorit is your place to land. I am so happy in my new tech recruiting role and wouldn't be here if it weren't for her!”

Maddy H., Senior Talent Partner and Former Middle School Teacher

“I've had the pleasure of working with Dorit for the past year. My time with her has been invaluable. Dorit was there for me every step, offering recommendations and helpful advice. She helped me navigate my career change with patience and understanding. Working with Dorit has boosted my confidence, increased my traction on LinkedIn, and provided a higher success rate in obtaining interviews. I highly recommend Dorit to anyone looking to transition careers.”

Olivia R., Marketing Writer and Former STEAM Curriculum Specialist

“If you are looking to make a transition out of the classroom and into an EdTech role Dorit is the person that can help you successfully make this transition. We worked on a lot of areas. For example updating my resume, improving my linkedin profile, opened up opportunities to meet other teachers who have/are considering leaving the classroom, and many others. Her weekly calls with other members she was working with was beneficial. She made this transition out of the classroom less painful! Highly recommend using her services.”

Tim D., Tutor Manager and Former Fourth Grade Teacher

Meet Dorit Perry, the Founder of T2T and Your Coach

Dorit Perry

Founder and CEO

In the last five years, Dorit (pronounced Dor-eet) has individually coached nearly 100 people to break into 6 figure careers, primarily in the tech world. She is a former public high school educator, hybrid tech worker, and acting and improv student. After living and reinventing herself in five major cities across the U.S., she considers herself highly skilled in the art of the work and life pivot. Dorit’s clients appreciate her nonjudgemental, insightful, honest, and straightforward approach to coaching them through their journeys. They also appreciate her frank talk about money!

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